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Instantly Generate Realistic Fashion Designs and Photoshoots with Resleeve’s AI Technology


All visuals, including garments and models, are generated by Resleeve AI and do not exist in real life.


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Instant Design Generation

Create thousands of photorealistic AI fashion designs within seconds

Effortless Photoshoots

Professional AI fashion photoshoots within minutes

Save Time & Money

Cut costs and accelerate time to market

Elevate Your Game

Join the limitless innovation era with Resleeve at your fingertips


AI Powered Fashion Design & Photoshoot Studio

Transform Your Creative Process and Elevate Your Fashion Game

Transform your design process with Resleeve AI and create entirely new, never before seen, and original new product designs in a matter of seconds.

Explore endless AI generated design concepts for creating mesmerizing design variations that meet your market requirements with Resleeve.

Turn your sketches into high-quality product designs and delight your customers while saving time and money with Resleeve.

Use Resleeve to design with AI to make additions and improvements to your designs and images using simple text prompts.

Simply upload your moodboard, and let Resleeve generate photorealistic new fashion designs that reflects mood, style, and vibe of your inspiration.

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Create photorealistic and professional fashion photoshoots and product catalog images, with the ability to feature endless variations of models, environments, garments, and moods.

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Early-Access Testimonials from Fashion Industry Professionals

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Resleeve has taken my work to the next level, generating some of my best photoshoots yet. A game-changing tool for any fashion photographer.


Thanks to early access to Resleeve, we’ve revolutionized our design process and elevated our creativity with its AI technology. Highly recommend.


Resleeve’s design creation AI tool is addictive and fun, while also saving us valuable time. An indispensable tool for any fashion team.


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